Gordonzola (gordonzola) wrote in cheese_party,

"Cheesemonger": you can order it now.

Hey everyone in this now-quiet community, I have a big announcement to make. My cheesemonger memoir is now available to pre-order. It is now titled Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge and sure, it won't be out until March, but pre-ordering it for that special loved one, co-worker, or friend makes a holiday gift that will last through the first quarter of 2009. Give 'em a nice piece of cheese and a promissory note. Heh.

cheesemonger cover

It's not a guidebook, but a book that demystifies the cheese business, talks about cheese myths and politics, and discusses how I ended up spending the last 15 years of my life in the world of cheese. Whoo-hoo!

(I don't think of this as spamming but posting to a community that I've been a member of for years that might be interested. If people feel this is a misuse of the community please talk to me or the moderator. Thanks.)
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