veronica_milvus (veronica_milvus) wrote in cheese_party,

My home made goats' cheese

The first time I have used rennet and a proper Danisco starter culture.  The smallest sachet of "direct vat inoculation" culture treats 50 litres of milk, so I made up a starter in 1 litre of milk first and split it into 15ml ice cubes for small-scale use.  60ml of starter and 10 drops of rennet went into this batch.

These were made with 2 litres of pasteurised goat's milk.  They are deliciously tangy and creamy and not very goaty at all, (like Boursin, if you have tried it) due to minimal oxidation of the milk.  The curds were cut to 15ml cubes and piled into moulds, then drained over about 18 hours with several turns to keep the texture even.  Lastly they were salted and left to finish draining for 14 hours.  I had two pairs of moulds of different sizes, hence the different shaped cheeses.

They keep up to 2 weeks in the fridge.  I will keep sampling them to see if the flavour develops.

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