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For March, I'd like to feature Cheddars from around the world at my store, and I'm in the market for a few. I have a Cheddar from Vermont, Canada, and Seattle, and England, but I'm looking for a few others, particularly Ireland (St. Patty's day and all.) I've heard some good things about Kerrygold, and they make a couple of Cheddars I'm looking into, but I'd like some feedback from cheese lovers such as yourselves.

What are your favorite Cheddars (Irish or not)? Do you prefer English cheddar to American Cheddar, or is Scottish Cheddar your bag? Or something else entirely?

One of the finest producers of farmstead, artisan cheddars in the United States is a family out of Vermont who operate under the name Grafton Village Cheese Co. whom specialize in Cheddars aged 3 months to 6 years. A winner in 2006 at the ACS Competition, the 4-year old "4-Star Reserve" Cheddar seems to be the most consistently glorious. Sharp-as-the-devil and rich enough to give any English Cheddar a run for their money.

The 5-year-old Cheddar used to be my favorite, but they seem to have stopped producing it or aren't distributing to my area anymore because I have not been able to get it in over a year. However, I advise that if any of you come across it, I don't care what the price is, get it. You will never know how much you would regret it if you didn't.

Montgomery Cheddar is a cheese made in North Cadbury, Somerset by James Momtgomery and Steve Bridges using a recipe that is over 70 years old. This traditional cloth-bound Cheddar is considered one of England's finest, imparting a delicate balance of earth and fruit, with a creamy texture despite it's hard, crystallized appearance. A sharpness rounds it out, with a distinct citrus-y finish. A prime example of truly great English Cheddar.
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