Ladylark (the_ladylark) wrote in cheese_party,

Incredible goat's cheese

So I went to the 'Manchester Food Lovers Festival' at the weekend, wasn't too impressed with the general turn out of cheese people there's normally a much wider selection at these things.

But one of the stalls was for 'Capra Products' from their naturally reared goats. They had goat meat in various preparations, and some cheese.

Oh my god the cheese.

I'm eating some right now for my lunch, and it's seriously the best cheese I have had in several years.

The woman on the stall described it as being like feta, but really it's not comparable. It's sold in a red wax, fairly small rounds. It's rather wet, with a texture that reminds me to some extent of very very fresh mozzarella. But then following that initial mouthfeel it gives way to total creaminess with that distinctive tang of 'goat' (but not too much) so that it's almost like a very solid greek yogurt.

I'm not very good at describing cheeses really, but if you ever see these people around, grab some cheese quick.

I only wish i'd bought more!
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