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hmm... no one's posted pics from the ACS conference in Chicago, so I guess I'll bite :)

I was lucky to have won a sales contest for the company I work for (I run I think the highest volume cheese counter in Utah at Harmons Grocery), and along with a few other folks got to fly out to Chicago for the conference. It was a blast. I learned a great deal that I'll be taking back to my cheese island, met some wonderful people and had my eyes openned to the community of cheesemakers, retailers, and distributors that makes up the ACS. Even made a few new friends ;)

I'm still feeling the effects from the Festival of Cheese... with around 1200 cheeses to taste, I was there from the start until after they flickered the lights to shoo people out... tried a pretty good majority of what was there (soooo glad there was an abundance of fruits and free booze to keep my palate clean and help ease the way down!) in my three trips around the room. lol

The Chicago Hilton... site of the 1968 DNC riots and 2008 ACS conference ;)

Beehive Cheese table at Meet the Cheesemakers

me with other cheesemongers from Harmons (Utah) and the Beehive Cheese folks with their ribbons after the awards ceremony (they took first in flavored cheddars with Barely Buzzed... second in cheddars flavored with peppers with their Bandage Wrapped Promontory with Cajun spices... and third in open category smoked cheeses with their Promontory Smoked with Walnut Shells and Apples)

Teleme and booze at a party (not ACS sanctioned) ;)

gordonzola, Rogue Brewery rep, cheese_mistress, and me

Chicago skyline in cheese

one of the cheddar tables at the Festival of Cheese

Barely Buzzed and others

Bandage Wrapped Promontory with Cajun

Snow White Goat (a bandage wrapped goat's milk cheddar) from Carr Valley took Best of Show

more cheese

the butter table :)

Rogue Brewing table

gordonzola, sheanadavis, and me
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